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one on one time

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Let me help you

I love to guide you towards a place within yourself from where you can feel, live, dream and create in a deeper and truer way. Discovering, experiencing and owning more of who you truly are will guide you towards a fuller, more meaningful and fulfilling life.

I whole-heartedly believe the world needs people who are alive, awake and on purpose. For that will not only inspire and upgrade your own life experiences, it will have a profound effect on the lives of loved ones and people around you as well. Let’s stop playing small and start playing big! A quote I absolutely adore on this:

"Everybody has a calling. Your real job in life is to figure out why you are here and get about the business of doing it.”
- Oprah

Figuring out why you are here and getting about the business of doing it is a topic most of us feel called to feel into (thank god!) And having someone who looks, feels, listens and intuits with you on your path is a thing that is priceless. I am here to guide you.


Who I am as a coach

I am Tess and as a coach I am still, Tess. I  like to stay very real with you and the most I can give to you is well, myself. Tess, me, fully.

My coaching is personal, intuitive and intimate. I ask personal questions and I will be honest, loving and real with you. We will show up with each other and see what magic will come from there. 

You're getting me, my full attention and all that's accessible to me. So what is accessible to me exactly? What are my gifts as a human and as a coach? What can you expect from me?

I am highly sensitive and intuitive. 
Always have been. I see and feel things, can translate and point them out clearly. I trust and follow this ability in my own life and also use this within my work and coaching you.

I am a heart-centred woman.
I tend to live, love, walk, talk, listen, sing, dance, act and coach from that place. The heart, with love, passion and truth.
I have access to my HPACSFP. Uhm, your what?!
I have access to my heart, pussy, aliveness, creativity, sensuality, fire and passion. This gives me an activating quality and talent which I also embody within the coaching sessions with you.

~  I practise what I preach and love to share that with you. 
I am walking this path with you. I am practising, learning, and teaching myself as well: Every. Single. Day. 

Overall, I think I can say I'm pleasurable to be and work with. :-)
I am a playful and enthusiastic being that naturally enjoys life and all it has to offer and I'd like to share that with you.


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How this works

  • I coach through Skype. This is because I have clients all over the world and travel a lot myself. Skype works very well. I love it.

  • Costs? I offer multiple options. Starting sessions, intention sessions, coaching packages and single sessions are a few possibilities. Curious about the ins and outs of this? What fits you best and the costs? Please reach out to me and find it out.

  • I'm trained and certified in multiple disciplines. Two examples related to coaching are: the practise of circling and authentic relating and the practise of intimacy, polarity and relational dynamics by Michaela Bhoem, David Deida and Esther Perel.

  • If you feel a little scared, inspired or simply curious, I’d love for you to reach out to me and share a little bit about who you are and what you're looking for within your life and potential coaching with me. This way we get to connect and the idea or thought in your head becomes something we can actually have a look at together. And that is where real change and creation begins: with action!






“Oh love, you are beauty and powerful beyond measure. It’s within your vulnerability and softness, your sensuality and deep love
that your soul’s gifts are alive and await for you. More than ever, we are ready, wanted and needed. The world needs you to step up.
You know it. You can feel it. The time is now. So let’s go!”
- T e s s


Coaching the feminine

I love working with women and have been doing so for years. Through the creation, practise and teaching of Sensual Flow, classes, workshops, courses and retreats I have been guiding women into a deeper and truer connection with themselves, life, their femininity, sensuality and unique gifts. If you are a woman and want to work on yourself with extra attention for and on your feminine being, evolution and health you’ve come to the right place and woman. I would be honoured to guide you towards a place within yourself from where you can live and love, deeply, give and receive abundantly and be, breath, walk, talk, dance and express with pleasure. Curious? Please reach out.

Kind words

”Starting my coaching sessions with Tess was a scary thing to do. Not knowing, really, what we were starting together and the investment in time and money. It was something I’d never given to myself before. I am so grateful I did. Something I’ve learned from the sessions with Tess has been to trust myself and my feminine, inner guidance more. I gained more confidence and clarity on what I feel called to do and embody in my life. Something that feels priceless. Learning how to ask for support has made a huge change in my life as well. Receiving Tess’s loving, clairvoyant and energetic guidance was a great gift to myself. When in doubt, go and book that first session!”

- Valerie Verschaijk

“ I have done a lot of self developmental work in my life and wasn’t necessarily searching for a coach. But after joining Tess’ Sensual Flow workshops twice I felt a longing for deepening and so I decided to work with her 1 on 1. Tess is more than just a coach to me. She is a companion, a seer, a sister and a wise, intuitive woman all in one. She is real and powerful and dares to be vulnerable. All qualities I value. Tess has helped me embrace my inner Woman more. My intuitive and personal gifts and qualities, my aliveness and enthusiasm for life itself and more. For that I’ll always be thankful. Thanks for being a shining and guiding light on my path Tess.”

- Clair Williamson

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my offer to men


my offer to men

“ Men. You are a true gift...
If I could create a space for you in which you can rest, rejuvenate, get vulnerable, allow yourself to be inspired and touched, feel yourself and your aliveness and embrace your masculine energy in a healthy way, then I am honoured to do so. I love to see you thrive. The world needs conscious men. Men who are able to honour both feminine and masculine qualities. Men that are not afraid of themselves and their aliveness. Men who know that their masculine quality, when used with love, is a true gift.
Not only to themselves, but to all beings around them.”
- T e s s


Working with men

After working with women in multiple ways for years the calling to work with men has grown. Men need as much healing as women do and I believe that when we work on ourselves in a loving and conscious way we can then come and work together in union, which will be powerful beyond measure. I am here to share myself with you as a human and feminine being. I will open up to you and be receptive to your energy as a human and masculine being. I will share with you the impact you have on me and am open to receive the impact I have on you. This will be a true and authentic meeting between you and I and the masculine and feminine at the same time. Powerful stuff!

You will feel and embody:

  • More insight about yourself and your masculinity

  • More inspiration to create and live the life you want to live

  • A deeper sense of aliveness: physically, energetically and spiritually

  • More space to feel, own and embody your desires, dreams and longings in life

  • More understanding about your personal way of relating and connecting to the feminine 

  • More healing and understanding in connection to the feminine and what she represents to and for you

  • More grounded trust and confidence within your own masculine gifts and capacities

  • More skills within connecting and communicating to and with the feminine 

  • More clarity about yourself, your life, your past and your future

  • More turn on for both life itself, as for the feminine

  • More alignment with your true purpose

  • More, more of life

Kind Words

After having my first session with Tess I am left with a sense of magic related to her and the space we shared together.
Tess opened the session within a safe space that felt present, alive, and potent to me. It guided me into a deeper connection with myself. 
I experienced Tess as a powerful feminine beauty, full of colours and life. Representing the mother, the girl, as well as hints of a very sensual creature. A powerful mix in my opinion. Witnessing this invited me to connect to my inner boy and man, which was deeply touching. Within the session I experienced a mutual holding and care towards each other. In a very short time I felt safe to open up and trust myself and my experience in the moment. After our session I feel a greater sense of acceptance and trust within myself. A sense of being healed in some way. The session brought inspiration and motivation to me as well as a greater hope in and love for women. 
You are a true blessing, a true beauty and a gift to this world. With love,

- Alexander Strandmyr

My time with Tess has been wonderful and very impactful in my daily life.
Her gentle feminine energy is very nurturing and nourishing, a reprieve from the daily stresses of my hectic life.
As a man in a highly male-dominated profession, I have found my time with her refreshing, balancing and very insightful.
If you are fortunate enough to be able to get time with her, you will not be disappointed with the growth you will experience.

- Vincenzo Amorati